Online Degree Programs for Petroleum Engineers 2020

I already know that you are here for a reason… find schools that actually have a distance learning program for oil & gas engineering.  Petroleum engineering as a subject has always been in high demand.  Despite being one of the top paying academic concentration, it rarely gets the credit it deserves.  But that doesn’t stop students across the globe to pick this area of study as their best choice for making it a full time career.  Believe it or not, this is probably the the only industry that pays really well right after getting out of college.  Considering the job projection for the next 20 years, natural resources and fuel energy consumption will remain as the key economic drivers for developing nations.Engineering Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci

Whether you’re looking for an associate, bachelor’s, post graduate oil & gas degree (MS) or just a certificate, finding a good petroleum engineering college is a monumental task.  I am sure you’ve come across a lot of sites that provides a list of schools offering a petroleum degree online.  However these lists are generated automatically and they don’t really cover the reality!  In other words, these lists are not validated at all nor do they offer a degree related to an engineering field.

The Ultimate Truth

There are only a handful of online schools offering a course in petroleum engineering field.  Since you’re already here, I have personally compiled a list of universities specifically providing PE as a major through a distance learning program.  Hope it will be helpful for prospective students thinking about pursuing a college with a reputed distance learning program available for petroleum engineers.  Please browse through the list of colleges to make an informed decision about your future enrollment plans.  You can simply request free information for each school regarding their admission policy, campus culture, tuition fees, aptitude tests, entry level scores (GPA), scholarships/student financial aid opportunities & much more.  There is no obligation to apply or pay for any enrollment fees.  Best of wishes for the upcoming year.  I am sure you’ll be successful no matter what you end up pursuing.

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So without wasting anymore of your time-

List of Distance Education Programs for Petroleum Engineering:-


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