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Energy and Gas ScholarshipsSo you have decided to pursue a career in petroleum engineering…  Whats next?  Well besides hunting down the top schools offering this major, you should also consider applying for petroleum engineering scholarships. The cost of education can be overwhelming for students who don’t have enough money or financial stability to attend college. Think of scholarships as an alternative to student financial aid or loans (high interest rates), the only difference is that you don’t have to pay back the money borrowed.  It’s probably the best way to help pay for your education without being in debt to someone.  Grants and scholarship aid is available for different areas of studies including the petroleum field. Major crude oil companies have setup academic funds to help sponsor the sharpest students based on academic merits, GPA score, SAT etc.

It’s a win-win situation for both students and companies, as it provides an incentive to develop innovative technology, research and new drilling techniques to explore natural gas and oil reserves.  Students have the opportunity to gain exposure to applied science in the real world.  Fellowships provide a collaborate platform for students and companies to find new methods to extract crude oil in different countries of the world.  Ultimately it leads to more jobs, hands on training and career opportunities for everyone involved in the industry.

Besides the oil corps, some of the best engineering colleges also provide scholarships programs designed specifically for petroleum majors. There’s only a select group of schools with petroleum degree programs, so it would be difficult to land a fellowship unless you have great scholastic credentials.  However there is no need to get discouraged, certain online scholarship opportunities offer cash rewards, essay contests & random drawings without any academic requirements.  These online fellowships are funded by private organizations to help out the average student.  You might qualify to win some extra cash overnight! As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of options to apply for scholarships.

List of Scholarships for Petroleum Engineering Majors:-

As compared to other industries, the geology & petroleum industry depends heavily on their engineers for gaining maximum profits.  This is due to the fact that without the help of engineers they won’t be able to discover new oil reserves.  The application process is quite complex, so it’s critical for every student to stay positive and never give up.   Most companies offering tuition money will cover the cost of education for a minimum of two years.  Also note that most of the scholarships rewarded by colleges are based on individual merits.

The University of Texas (Austin) is considered as one of the top petroleum engineering schools.   Over the years, they have trained a breed of world class engineers who are now employed with the best oil companies around the globe.  This school is driven to deliver quality education by maintaining an up to date curriculum that’s also relevant to present day technology used by crude oil experts. If you’re looking for scholarships then University of Texas (Austin) is the right place to begin your application process. Society of Petroleum EngineersAnother excellent college which also deserves top recognition is Colorado School of Mines.  Elite petroleum engineers who hold top positions in the industry recommend others to join their program.   Fortunately they also offer education aid to students enrolling into their engineering program. The list doesn’t end here! I have collected the list of companies and schools who provide scholarships for petroleum engineers.  Hope you will find this list handy once you start applying! Student eligibility and qualification process will be different for each scholarship program.  The criteria for approval will depend on individual company policy, academic excellence, and various other factors. Obviously a student who has a proficient academic background with individual prowess will be at an advantage.  However as we discussed earlier, there is no substitute for hard work!

So without further delay, I present to you the ultimate list of scholarships available for petroleum engineering majors in 2020:-

Petroleum Engineering Scholarships
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